Over 5 million payments were made in BonusFlash, which is now in its 4th year

Garanti BBVA’smobile app BonusFlash 4. he’s left his year behind. BonusFlash, which appears as the mobile application of the bonus credit card, is the 4th. 38.2 million campaign participation,more than 5.4 million financial transactions and over 5 million payment transactions have been made so far.

With a total of 2.7 billion views on mobile devices, BonusFlash reused 8 out of 10 users, creating as high as 80 percent active usage traffic.

BonusFlash, which has been continuously updated since November 2015 and adds value to the lives of Garanti BBVA customers with its newly added functions, has also been added to the BonusFlash app, which features QR payment and“Direct Link”features where users are redirected from within the app to the websites of shopping member businesses, where users can complete the shopping in seconds without carrying a wallet.

GarantiPay, which is included in the BonusFlash app, allows payment safely and quickly without sharing card information, continues to be one of the most preferred payment options in the e-commerce market with its speed, convenience and security standards for its users in online shopping payments.

Let’s add that turkey can pay with GarantiPay on more than 1900 sites and mobile applications, including leading websites. BonusFlash offers our country’s leading platforms the opportunity to pay online taxes to Garanti BBVA credit card holders at

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