Online market services price comparison (Banabi, Fetch, Glovo, Ask and Migros Now)

The online market service sector is one of the sectors where there is the greatest competition not only in our country but also abroad. When it comes to competition, the first thing that comes to mind is the price, but not just that, of course. Product diversity, delivery time, quality of delivery are very important details. Since the players in our country do not yet fully serve throughout Istanbul, we have not compared the other details in this news for the time being. In the future, we will make a more detailed comparison than the price.

In this news, we will take a closer look at the prices of services that bring grocery products instantly. Among the services we will compare prices to, bringthe food order business recently , Banabi,the market service of Foodbasket, is a Spanish-based venture and recently invested 9 million in Glovo Migros, migros’s instant service application, is located immediately and Isise Gelsin, which has recently started to serve all over Istanbul.

First, let us remind you that Bring, Ask And Glovo serves all over Istanbul. Migros currently operates in 10 regions, while Banabi serves in certain regions on the European and Anatolian side. For comparison, we have identified a total of 13 basic products, from pasta to bananas, milk to rice. When choosing the products, we tried to select the products in all the services, only because the same brands were not included in the water and milk categories, so he had to buy different products. Although we added these two categories to our table, we did not make any cheap- expensive evaluation. Our list includes brand differences at the points where the star symbol is located. You can find our full list below.

Banabi, the newest player in the instant delivery market and with the power of Food basket behind it, performs on average in terms of price. Offering the most suitable products on our list in the fields of ActiviaSade, Coca Cola and Duracell Battery, Banabi’s biggest shortcoming is that it serves in the limited zone.

Banabi does not offer the most expensive option in any product. Unlike its competitors, Banabi does not have 1 liter of full-fat milk on its list and has a fee of 2.50 TL. Let us also remind you that we talked to Nevzat Aydin about Banabi inthe first days of May. Aydin, who shared important information about Banabi’s price policy in the interview, said that the prices were affordable and that they were willing not to profit.

Bring, which is one of the strongest players in the instant delivery market in our country and recently stepped into the food order inguss, is the most expensive option on our list. Bring, which is very rich in terms of product diversity and even produces its own water brand, sells its products much more expensive than its competitors.

According to february figures, 25 thousand orders per day on the market side Bring, 13 products on our list when we look at the most expensive option in 10 products. Let’s also remind you that the shipping fee for Fetch is 4.90.

Glovo,one of the strongest candidates on the list because it has different brands in terms of product diversity, offers very affordable prices. Glovo offers the most expensive option in 6 out of 13 products and the most expensive option in general, the most suitable option on our list.

Unlike its competitors, Glovo works with Macrocenter and Watsons, which cooperate with brands. Glovo’s product diversity and price advantage is at trivial. Glovo, which has a shipping fee of TL 4.90 just like Fetch, lags behind Banabi in this regard.

Just as Banabi performs in terms of price, Ise Gelsinoffers the most affordable options in 4 products. Product Isise Gelsin, which is also very successful in terms of diversity, stands out for its service all over Istanbul and its average prices.

In response to this price policy, Isis Gelsin’s largest off-clock-based delivery delivers a product you ordered at 5:20 p.m. between 18:00 and 19:00.

Like Banabi, one of the new players in the market, Migros Hemenhas a power like Migros behind it, but lags far behind its competitors in terms of product diversity. Migros, which has 8 outof 13 products in total, does not have 5 products. Serving the most affordable prices in 2 products offered the most expensive option in 1 product.

Bahcesehir,Atasehir, Istinye, Atalar, Sureyyapasa, Eltes, Mavişehir, Inciralt, Taurus and Cayyol Hayatkent, operating in 10 regions and istanbul, Izmir, Ankara, and compared to its competitors in terms of product diversity Migros, which is very weak, immediately appears as the weakest link on the list.

Finally, if we add up our comparison, we see that There are options that offer average prices between The Want Gelsin and Banabi’s instant delivery applications. Fetishes, one of the oldest players on the list, seems to have not yet started to compete with the arrival of new competitors in the market it has created.

Although Migros Immediately has average prices, it lags far behind its competitors in terms of product diversity. The price comparison list we have prepared is like Glovo. Glovo, which is one step ahead of its competitors in both product diversity and price advantage issues, seems to be the most advantageous instant delivery application for the moment.

This is the comparison of online market services on the price side, but let’s reiterate what we mentioned at the beginning of the article, the two points that are as important as the price in this market are delivery time and the behavior of the deliverer. We will also make this comparison in the future.

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