Oculus CTO John Carmack announces the end of an era for Samsung Gear VR

Oculus CTO John Carmackpraised Samsung Gear VRat the Oculus Connect developer conference, saying mobile headphones were a missed opportunity. Carmack said the software is up to date, but Samsung’s newest and future phones will not support the headset and that the“days are numbered”for the Samsung Gear VR.

John Carmack said he thought they were missing an opportunity at this point, that he was working very hard for the Samsung Gear VR and that he thought the device was the basis for the entire mobile process. Carmack also says Oculus is trying out new features, such as a gamepad-style controller. He also says it’s full-fledged enough to play complex games like Minecraft.

Samsung Gear VR was first released in 2014 with a version supporting the Note 4, and was finalized with slight changes in the size and surface of the headset. Users were able to place their Samsung phones in the headset, allowing them to open Oculus’s software and window. Carmack said the headset is the company’s best-selling product to date, but with this demand, it lags behind products such as the Rift, Quest and Go. It’s safe to say that this is not surprising. Because many sets of microphones were distributed free of charge to users in various collaborations and agreements. This may have caused the Samsung Gear VR to be one click behind.

Oculus replaced the Samsung Gear VR with Oculus Go last year and is now pushed towards Oculus Quest, which we can call oculus go owners a higher level. Carmack and other Oculus employees seem ready to move more clearly than the first mobile VR headphones.

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