Nikola Corporation’s electric pickup with a range of 965 km: Badger

When it comes to electric cars, we introduced Tesla’s electric pickup model, Cybertruck, last November. Nikola Corporation,an Arizona-based venture, showcased its electric pickup model, Badger.

Badger,a hydrogen and electric pickup model, has very successful technical features compared to its competitors. According to shared information, the Badger model has a range of approximately 965 km. Half of that range comes from hydrogen, half of it comes from batteries.

By comparison, the Cybertruck has a range of 400 kilometers, 480 kilometers and 800 kilometers. Badger, who also has a very fast car, can accelerate from 0 to 100 km in just 2.9 seconds. We can also say that the Badger model has a very successful design.

Let’s also share that The Badger is not tesla’s Cybertruck model. Today, many important companies are working on electric pickup models. Rivian, which is working onan electric SUV model, will produce ford and electric Hummer, which is running on the fully electric F-150 model, and General Motors is some of these companies.

Nikola Badger, who is particularly reminiscent of the Rivian R1T by electric car manufacturer Rivian, has a much more successful design than the Cybertruck. Trevor Milton,founder and CEO of Nikola Corporation, who has been working on the pickup program for years, also shared that he is now ready for the market. Let’s add that there is no information about when the Nikola Badger model will be available or what the price will be.

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