New venture in product focus from Product Hunt YourStack

Product Hunt, acquired by AngelList in 2016, has launched its new venture YourStack as a public beta. The new initiative of product hunt, the popular website where we discover new products, isa platform where people can showcase the products they use, as the name suggests, and make comments and reviews about them.

We’re usually used to hearing the word Stack from software and technology projects. Stack, in terms of meaning, refers to the infrastructure elements, programming languages, frameworks, applications, and other products that the initiative uses. For example, the initiative compiles the stacks that initiatives use. YourStack is also more focused on the personal side of this. You can open a personal profile where you can showcase the products you use in a wider area, not in the software vertical. For example, when we look at the profile of the venture’s CEO, Ryan Hoover, we can see that he has added the product to his page in many areas, from the backpack he likes to the app he uses.

Speaking to Buzzfeed News, Product Hunt CEO Ryan Hoover said YourStack would be an area where you can follow your friends, experts in certain fields. On the platform with social network dynamics, the activities of the people you follow fall to your feed. This creates an interactive space.

The platform also has a separate page of each product used on stack pages. These pages also include information about the product, expert advice and user reviews. In this sense, the initiative seems to be planning to be a reference point for consumers as well. After the beta process, a valuable area will be created with the increase of members and content. According to Ryan Hoover, the calls will also be on the platform based on the environment and locations that have been followed in the future. For example, searches such as ‘cars used by my friends’, ‘What is the most popular product around me?’ can be made.

The pretty exciting application is currently in beta. If you want to try it, check out

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