New service from Google: Series and movie recommendation

Withthe update to search results, Google is making a refreshing to relieve those who are struggling to find their own suitable series or movies. From now on, with Google’s personalized search results, people will be able to find the most suitable series and movies for them.

Google already had the suggestion feature. So when you searched for “best romantic comedies” or “best shows of 2019“, Google offered specific suggestions. However, this feature will now be based on the person’s general searches and will be made in accordance with the person with the “hit shot” model. When you make a specific search, your search results will appear at the top of the page and you’ll be able to scroll right to see the best results.

For this feature, we can call it an extension of Google’s efforts to redirect web searches to informative content. Google also opted to use a Tinder-like mechanism in these search results. You’ll like it when you swipe right for each individual content that appears on your page, and you won’t like it when you swipe left. So you’ll actually create a data source for yourself.

The new feature is not limited to the ones mentioned above. When you click on content of your choice, you can also find out where to watch the general information about it. In short, Google continues to move forward like a real database of knowledge.

Google said the new feature was used for recommendations and that it does not have any advertising purposes at the time. The company understands consumer interest in movies and TV through its data on popular searches. Now it aims to understand what individual users might want to watch.

Let us remind you that the feature is currently only available for users inthe United States and it is not clear when it will be activated in our country.

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