New regulation from Apple due to privacy violations in Siri

Following a report by The Guardian, Appleclosed its voice assistant, Siri, to its contracted employees for privacy violations. Although Apple does not explicitly disclose it in its consumer privacy documents, it does state that it transmits a small portion of siri records to contract workers who work for them around the world. By rating responses to a variety of factors, including whether the activation of the sound assistant was intentional or accidental, whether the query was something Siri could help, and whether Siri’s response was appropriate The people in charge.

An Apple spokesperson said they are committed to providing a great Siri experience while maintaining user privacy, and while conducting a thorough review, they are suspending Siri’s development method on a global scale. He added that as part of a future software update, users can choose to participate in the rating.

In addition to pausing the program, where employees listento Siri audio recordings, Apple has not commented on whether it will stop recording those recordings on itsservers. Currently, the company says it keeps records of descriptive information that it can store for two years or more for six months. The purpose of the rating program is to help improve Siri voice recognition accuracy and prevent accidental triggers.

When some of Siri was examined, Apple said that user requests generally did not contain personal information. However, it is clear how reliable voice assistants can hear almost any sound. Because you remember, in recent weeks, it’s been revealed that Google Now listened and recorded voices without permission. With such an example ahead of us, it is quite appropriate for Apple to take such precautions.

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