New Knit Baby Blankets

We shared beautiful knitted baby blankets for boys and girls. You can also check out the models of knitted blankets for your babies.

A parent’s biggest dream is to have a baby. In order to say that we’ve literally become a family, one has to hold her little cub. Baby is a little guest who makes the house home and crowns the marriage, which is always expected to come. But, of course, before this lovely guest arrives, a sweet person gets in a hurry to walk around with his hands and feet. Preparations begin before he’s even born. In fact, let’s just say that some of our young girls will reserve a place for the future guests after these years in their dowry prepared by that great labor. Cardigans, vests, booties, fibers are knitted in color before he arrives, and they are put into dowry. Especially the greatest pleasure of grandmothers to knit these tiny pieces to the grandchildren they’ve always expected. Whether he was born or born years later.

Örgü çiçek motifli bebek battaniyesi

One of the essential sourcing of baby preparations is baby blankets. In fact, it wouldbe wrong to say that it is one of the first needs of a born baby. Our mothers, our grandmothers, who knit blankets that will protect our gentle babies from the cold and not seek the warmth of their wombs.

Nowadays, even though they’ve gone after modern life and taken up a thousand kinds of blankets, they’ll never be able to replace their knitting blankets. Baby blanket models have always been indispensable with a variety of varieties. Ladies weave colors with great excitement blankets. If the baby is born, blue for boys, pink for white girls, red are the most preferred colors. If the gender is not clear, colors such as yellow, green, purple and orange can be used by both the girl and the boy are preferred. Baby blanket samples are as many as thousands of colors. New ones are being added to these varieties every day.

Classic crochet baby blankets, spindle baby blankets are not forgotten, but their models have been further improved and diversified. In the past, the main colors were used more more, but now with the variation of wool colors, lighter colors have become more soft. Water green, mint blue, pale pink, mink color is the best example of this. Now, baby blanket models, knitted piece by piece and knitted with crochet, have become more and more desirable. These are also easier to knit than for an entire blanket. In the pictures you can find all the beautifully pieced and knitted blankets.

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