New Cross-Stitch Models 2018

New etamine models, cross-stitch samples, handmade pillowcases, towels and decorations can be made in our article for 2018 samples!

We share the 2018 archive of cross-stitch models for ladies looking for new models. For those who want to make new samples, the archive we publish contains new ethamine samples. Since we share close-up models, I don’t think you’re going to have a hard time with how it’s done.

The embroidery on linen cloths used for cross-stitch handicrafts is called a cross-stitch.

Many areas we haven’t counted yet can use cross-stitch handicrafts. People of all ages are interested in this handicraft, which is simple to make. There are cross-stitches with animal motifs, landscape motifs and floral patterns. In addition, a name can be written or a heart motif can be made.


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