Netflix’s statement came in today’s censorship allegations

In the first days of September, we toldyou that the President of RTÜhad received license and permit applications from digital broadcasting platforms. After the news of RTÜ emerged, it was also discussed that Netflix could leave our country. However, it is important to remember that Turkey is an important market for Netflix. To remind you, we have told you in recent weeks how many members Netflix has in Turkey and how much revenue it generates.

With the introduction of digital broadcasting platforms under the control of RTÜ, various debates arose about the censorship of Netflix,which provides services in our country. Netflix issued a statement after the discussions, saying that protecting children from age-appropriate content is a team priority, but in doing so it is also important for users to freely monitor what they want. shared that it was. Netflix, which left an open door for censorship, had shared that they had not encounteredsuch a demand until now.

A trailer shared today rekindled censorship controversy. In the Trailer for El Camino: A Breaking Bad movie posted on netflix Australia YouTube account, we see a cigarette being censored. The trailer released abroad featured cigarettes in one scene, while the trailer published in our country did not include cigarettes.

Netflix has issued a statement on the possibility of social media, and in many countries, minor changes to the relevant trailers, if promotional trailers contain potentially sensitive images he explained that he was able to do it. Underlining that the change will only be in the trailer, Netflix said that its members may watch such content without any interruption or change from October 11, 2019. he also pointed out. You can find the full description from Netflix Turkey below.

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