Netflix’s content manager says Disney+ hasn’t changed anything for them

Netflix’s content manager, Ted Sarandos,said there has been no change for them since the Disney+ launch on Tuesday. They are in constant competition with Disney and similar platforms that have come across from the start, Sarandos said, adding that this competition does not affect them.

Disney+ announced on Wednesday that they had exceeded Wall Street estimates and reached 10 million members during the first day, when Netflix shares retreated, bringing stock to an all-time high. Sarandos, however, described Disney as a great storyteller and a very successful company, adding that it took them a long time to get on the road. Explaining that this was a difficult change, Ted Sarandos underlined that Disney has powerful brands such as Marvel, Star Wars and Pixar.

According to Sarandos, built-in intellectual property and universes stored by media companies such as Disney and WarnerMedia can be positioned at a point where continuous fresh programming for different audiences is required. Sarandos says disney is great at what it does as a storyteller, but Netflix prefers to be positioned in a different location. Netflix doesn’t want to be identified only by its original series and movies as part of it. This changes netflix’s perception of competition a little bit.

Launching high-end platforms such as Disney, WarnerMedia and NBCUniversal, former media giants face other challenges when they enter the domain of Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. Disney and others built their businessby creating their content and selling it to other platforms and services like Netflix. In this new streaming world, Disney will begin selling its content directly to viewers. This raises a new set of problems, such as pricing and accelerating content.

We will learn how platforms will overcome these problems and who will prevail in the competition in the field of streaming.

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