Netflix Rise of Empires: Ottoman first episode review

Last December, we watched the first 3 episodes of Atiye, the second original content of Netflix Turkey,and evaluated it for you. Today, we had the opportunity to watch the first episode of Rise of Empires: Ottoman, Netflix’snew project focused on Turkey and the Ottoman Empire.

Rise of Empires: Ottoman, which will be released on Netflix on January 24, tomorrow, will consist of 6 episodes. In this news, we will focus on the first part of the series. First of all, Rise of Empires: Ottoman is not a complete series.

Rise of Empires: Ottoman, a production of series and documentary genres, has sequences of series scenes as well as a narrator and expert historians in its field. Almost all of the cast consists of Turkish actors, but unfortunately the original language of the series is English.

Rise of Empires: The Ottoman series is not directly the work of Netflix Turkey. That’s why the actors of the show were Turkish, but the language was used in English. There is also the option of turkish dubbing in the series, but it does not sound very good for the actors to dub themselves in Turkish.

The series stars Cem Yigit Grapeoglu, Selim Bayraktar, Birkan Sokullu, Osman Sonant and Tuba Büyüküstün. The first part is directed by Emre Sahin. Let’s add that the narrator in turkish dubbing option was voiced by Halit Ergenç. The series is produced by Crow Seven and STX Entertainment.

In the series, we see many important names who are experts in their field both from abroad and from Turkey. Prof. Dr. A.M. Celal Sengör and Dr. Emrah Safa Gurkan are the experts in the series. As its name implies, the series focuses on the conquest of Istanbul in its first part, describing the rise of the Ottoman Empire.

In the first chapter, we watch the ascension of Sultan Mehmet the Conqueror,a young falcon at the age of 19. After taking the throne, Sultan Mehmet the Conqueror, who set his sights on Istanbul, namely Constantinoplewith his name at the time, begins preparations to encircle Istanbul.

The first chapter, which provides important information from the ottoman political structure to the military structure, ends with the Ottoman army resting on the walls of Constantinople. Let’s also share that the acting on the show has been quite successful.

Especially as the series continues, the way historians intervene and share important information increases the documentary atmosphere of the series and adds a very nice taste to the series. It’s fair to say that the show is a global business, from the quality of the show to the costumes.

It’s possible to understand that just by watching the first part. The quality of the small battle and army scenes in the first part reveals this situation. When we look at the work that Netflix Turkey is doing, we can say that Rise of Empires: Ottoman is much higher in visual quality.

I look forward to the sequel to Rise of Empires: Ottoman, which is a very successful alternative especially for users who love historical series and documentaries. If we talk about Netflix, we told you last December that the company’s number of new subscribers to the platform in the EMEA Region is higher than in the U.S. and Canada. The fact that the number of subscribers is growing faster in other regions than in the United States and Canada is also shaping the company’s content policy.

Thanks to this increase, Netflix is also available with many original content from outside the United States and Canada. Finally, let’s remind you that the 6-part miniseries will air on Netflix as of January 24, i.e. tomorrow.

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