Netflix replaces Tinder in the “highest out-of-game mobile apps” category at the Apple Store

According to Sensor Tower, which provides important insights into the mobile app ecosystem, by 2023, the amount that users globally do not spend on mobile applications will reach $156 billion. This means that mobile app spending will increase by about 120% in 2018, up to 73 million.

The biggest part of these expenditures is in the gaming industry, followed by the entertainment category. In the entertainment category, Netflix is arguably the highest-paid app on the Apple Store. In fact, Netflix’s record is not only in the Entertainment category, but in all mobile app non-gaming categories, it’s been looking at all other apps from the top since the last quarter of 2016.

These sentences, which remain valid until the end of 2018,are no longer valid, according to data shared by Sensor Tower. Sensor Tower says Netflix has lost its place at the top to the dating app Tinder. According to the company’s information shared in the first quarter of 2019, the app that earned the most in the App Store and Google Play is said to be Tinder. Netflix watches Tinder a notch behind, while third place is Chinese video streaming service Tencent Video. 

Sowhat’s swaying Netflix out of your seat? There’s not much surprise answer at the bottom of the problem. At the end of last year, the company decided that it did not want to pay Applehundreds of millions of dollars, and no longer allows new users to sign up and subscribe to their services with the iOS app. We know that Applereceives a 30 percent commission on earnings from app owners, but for Netflix it is calculated at 15%, but this is the company’s$853 million in revenue in 2018,and hundredsof millions of commissions to Apple. it doesn’t change the fact that he’s paying.

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