Netflix announces how many members it has in Turkey

At the beginning of last month, we shared with you the news that the rTÜ audit, which was brought to digital publishing, was published in the Official Gazette. RTÜ regulation has been activated as of today.

According to the regulation, digital broadcasting applications operating in our country such as Netflix, BluTV and puhutv will then reach the last audience after the rTÜ audit. After this development, there was a serious information blur. As well as the companies will cease their activities, information began to circulate on social media. However, immediately after the incident, Netflix made a statement as follows:

Netflix, which insists on operating in the country every time, made an important statement today. Netflix, which shares the number of users in Turkey, has actually shared how many users it has reached in a short time in this market. It is possible to say that this is an indication that Netflix is ready to make all kinds of investments in Turkey. Because the statement made today by RTÜ President Abubekir Sahin proves this situation.

However, netflix for the first time in Turkey announced the figures. Netflix, which has reached over 1.5 million unique users, seems to be changing the television industry from top to bottom. Because when we consider family accounts with 1.5 million users, the number has reached almost 4 million.

Netflix productions are also varied day by day. The platform not only produces original content, but also brings together popular productions of the years with audiences in Turkey.

Netflix’s driving force in explaining these figures is that RTÜ wants a share of revenue per member with the new regulation. The information that will be made public and circulated from language to language seems to be that Netflix wanted to direct itself. After this very successful communication strategy, we can foresee a statement from BluTV.

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