Needle Point Towel Models 12 Great Examples

12 great examples from the needle point towel models. You should take a look at these models before making towels.

Towels made with needle point are shared on our site from time to time. Now we share towel models in 12 wonderful examples of all the most beautiful ones we’ve chosen for you. By examining these models, you can choose these distractions in the towels you will make.

For those who want to make towels, we have published hundreds of towel models and narrative votes on the page. If you’re just getting started and want to know, you can check it out. Now the 12 towel models we share below are all specially selected towels. You can get an idea of the towel you’re going to make by browsing through those models.

You can decorate the edges of the towel by making flowering stalls. You can get a very nice towel by sewing the flower stalls you have made with the needle point to the edges of the towel.

Çiçekli iğne oyası el havlusu

You can decorate the needle point towels with the flower bale you have made with beads. The towel edges are beaded and floral.

İğne oyası boncuklu çiçekli havlu modeli

You can make small hand towels with needle bales.

İğne oyası küçük havlu modeli

You can decorate the small towels with a needle point and use them as kitchen towels. Use your own towels in your own kitchen.

Küçük mutfak havlusu modeli

Sand beads look great on the edges of towels. Using the needle point, you can make distractions for the edges of towels with sand beads.

Kum boncuklu iğne oyası havlu kenarları

The distractions you will make with purple needle rope will be very suitable for the edges of towels. Purple-loving ladies should try this model.

Mor iğne oyası havlu örneği

The following towel models are made with new votes. Decorate your towels with new stalls.

You can use the needle point to decorate the kitchen towels. The following towels are kitchen towels and are decorated with needle point.

Yeni mutfak havlusu modelleri

The following towels are the latest models of kitchen towels decorated with stalls. These towels look better when they’re decorated with needle work.

Yeni model mutfak havlu kenarları

Hand towels can be decorated with needle work like kitchen towels. As shown in the model below, you can see how well the needle work is.

Yeni el havlusu modeli

You can decorate the towel edges with colorful distractions. The colorful distractions you have made with the needle will make your towels look more vivid.

Rengarenk havlu kenarları

Flower buds lovers can make flowers with needle work and decorate towels. Especially pink flower stalls look great on the edges of towels.

Pembe çiçek oyalı havlu örneği

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