Neal Mohan: “Music is one of the most important pieces of YouTube”

TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2019, which we followed from the place with the contributions of The Business Bank of Turkey,started in full swing. Neal Mohan, YouTube Chief Product Officer,who was one of the key speakers of the event, shared important information about the evolution of online videos and YouTube Music.

Neal Mohan said that music is a very important piece for YouTube, and that even without YouTube Music, people use YouTube to discover new songs. Music-loving users also love YouTube content, mohan added, so they offer the YouTube Premium service.

YouTube Premium offers the best features of both YouTube Music and YouTube together, Mohan added, adding that these services are now available in 71 countries and will be available in new countries in the future. will also be presented.

Mohan added that they will offer 3 new features for YouTube Music, adding that these features will be used to discover new songs and artists. YouTube is a great platform for content producers, mohan also shared, large content producers want to stay on the platform because the main part of their audience is on YouTube.

Mohan shared that the advertisements in the videos are very important and that they are meticulous about it, and that the videos uploaded to the platform are examined in terms of advertising and content. Mohan also stated that 5 hours of video is uploaded to the platform every minute, and shared that these videos are being reviewed by machine learning and people.

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