Narrative Baby Cardigan Making

We shared the production of narrated baby cardigans so your babies wouldn’t get cold in the cold. You can make knitted baby cardigans for the little ones.

If you want to make cardigans for baby girls, this model is for you. You’ll learn how to make it with a narrated baby cardigan. We’ve shared it before. In this article, we shared how the cardigan is made and the number of stitches.

The following pictures contain the number of stitches on them. 1 and a half nako luxury minnosh, 3 size skewer, 3rd button, lace up to 4 meters will suffice as material. It belongs to the sample page.

I’m going to try to explain step by step how to make a cardigan.

Here we fold the skirt… I used 1/1/2 nako luxury minnosh, 3 size skewers, 3rd buttons, lace up to 4 meters.

Continue the explanations… By the way, I forgot i made this cardigan for 3/6 months baby… For those who ask…

We’re building ges arm on this cardigan…

I forgot to tell you about the finished carpet of our cardigan. We remove the eye decision noose from the collar, we knit 9 harosha rows, then we cut 2 each from 2 sides, from prevents, we cut during the 14th harosha…

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