Narrated Knitting Virus Wrap Making

We shared the construction of virus shawls for those looking for wrap making. We have published a narrative production of the very stylish and highly acclaimed knitted virus shawl model in Turkish video.

The virus, which can be knitted with ebruli rope, is knitted with shawl crochet. It’s a stylish model for those who are preparing dowry. With this knitting model you can make shawls or bed spreads and baby blankets. You can also knit ponchos with this model. We’ve shown the narrative of shawl, but you can decide where to use it.

We are adding the video of making a virus shawl broadcast on Ören Bayan channel to our site for you. Watch the video after you’ve prepared a medium-thick rope or marbling rope and your dick. In the 30-minute video, you can get all the details of the virus.

 We haven’t shared shawls in a long time after the article. If you always say you want to learn new braids, we recommend that you follow us regularly. Make it easy for everyone

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