Narrated Knitting Baby Blanket Construction

For those who want to make baby blankets with crochet, we shared the construction of a knitted baby blanket on our site. You can knit blankets too.

We continue to explain baby blankets. We shared another example of a beautiful baby blanket for those who want a narrated model. We’ve shared a few narrative models in the category before. You can check them out, too.

If you know crochet, you can make a baby blanket. By examining the model that we have shared in narrated terms, you can first learn how to do it and then prepare your ingredients and start making blankets immediately.

Squares consisting of 30 stitches and 26 rows are made. In the 27th row, 5 squares are made by discoloration.4 is made in the form of bra and combined with needle.

When making the edges, 6 chains are pulled and threadless with the same color thread as the edge. 6 trabzans are made with the other color yarn. Then the yarns are replaced and knitted.

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