Narrated Converse Baby Shoes

Converse baby shoes are on our site with narration. For those who want to make knitted converse booties, we have shared here both in pictures and narratives.

Skewer no. 2.5
33 stitches for small size
43for oversized

I threw 33 stitches, knitted a row of plains. I made a total of 3 increases by circling 1 node in the middle at the front side. I knitted the loops That I raised in the back row by turning them so there was no hole. In this way, I increased the number of stitches to 57 (67) by increasing them 3 each in the front row. I knitted six more teeth with a white rope. To form the nose part; I continued with the white rope. I knitted all the stitches straight on the front face. . I knitted 25+7 (30+7) by knitting the back face upside down and i came back
(note: I got the first noose without knitting it every turn)

Again I knitted 7 nodes i’ve knitted back by counting +1added 8ör go back 9 ör go back 10 ör ….every time +1 stitches are added and returns are made

When the number of stitches in the middle is 15, the last time is returned again, knitted until the end of the row, and the gray color is switched to the rope and now it is continued upside down at the back straight at the front

We’re in the front, including the Middle Nose, or the 15th century in the nose. Until the last science, the noose distinction is already manifesting itself 15.stitch 1k and cut (cut with 2k in oversized) continue knitting until the end of the queue

Find the noose you cut in the back, add 15 numbers with it, cut a noose, knit again in the other row, add 15 numbers and a noose

In this way, we knit and cut 1 straight 1 inverted 7cm tire until there are 39 stitches left in our shingles…

Narrative models can be found in the category.

Converse bebek patiği yapımı 1

Converse bebek patiği yapımı 2

Converse bebek patiği yapımı 3

Converse bebek patiği yapımı 4

Converse bebek patiği yapımı 5

Converse bebek patiği yapımı 6

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