Mussel Shell Fiber Construction

Today we will show you the making of the mussel shell model as fiber. The two-color mesh fiber used on two sides can be accessed here.

Some of the most liked knits we share on the site are also shared by Tamanne. It’s usually very popular when I add videos shared on the channel to the site. It means that the braids shared on the mother’s channel are very clear. I take care to share all the narrative weaves that are usually shared on the channel here.

The most recent shared mesh is a fiber model made with a mussel shell model. We shared  the model before. The mussel shell used for shawls and vests is also made of fiber with the knitting model. This fiber model, which can be knitted with two colors of rope or more colors and looks beautiful on both sides, can be found in the video below.

Don’t forget to follow the new models we publish in our fiber models category so you don’t miss out. We will always come up with the newest and most beautiful models. Now let’s learn how to model mussel shell fiber.

The first row begins on the chain. A row of tiles are made on the chain.

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