MTA General Directorate’s data to everyone shows whether a fault line passes under your home

The 5.8-magnitude earthquake in Istanbul on September 26th brought many of our fears back to light. Some called it the precursor to the big earthquake, while others argued that it would not be possible to know. You never know which is true, but there’s only one thing that’s true. Istanbul is not yet really ready for a major earthquake.

We wouldn’t be wrong to say how difficult it was to heal the wounds of the 1999 earthquake and that time still needed to do so. Because although urban regeneration projects have started since then, many houses unfortunately do not have enough reliability. Therefore, certain measures must be taken to avoid major losses. The problem of the robustness of the houses that have come with these importance is the problem that has been the most pertinent of the smarts of the people living in Istanbul recently. However, the close proximity of fault lines to the areas where they live is another concern.

“Doesa fault line run under my house?” Or for those who are curious about the answers to the “How close amI to the fault line?”the General Directorate of Mineral Exploration and Exploration has opened its own fault line inquiry screen to all users. From here, when you enter the platform, you can choose what you want to see and access it via the map. You can also browse the refurbished live fault lines here on a city-by-city basis. When we look at the second list, we see that Istanbul does not have a directly renewed fault line. However, when we look for Fethiye for example, it is possible to see fault lines.

Those who want to see the fault lines in Turkey in a comprehensive way can visit the website of the General Directorate of Mineral Exploration and Exploration.

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