Mouse tooth (rat tooth) knitting model

The mouse tooth, also known as the rat female, is made of a model of knitting with a beautiful pattern of knitting. The construction of the mouse tooth knitting model with an illustrated description.

We continue to share narrative knitting and knitting techniques. In this article we have included the construction of a mouse tooth that is easy to make and another name is the plaster female knitting model that you can use easily in many knitting. With this knitting technique you can knit berets, booties and scarves.

It is a knitting model that you can easily use in baby weaves or in adult weaves such as cardigans and vests. Mouse female knitting model is made using 2 skewers. If you want to knit with a rat-female knitting model, you have to master the skewer business.

If you are going to knit yourself or your child with a scarf, a beret, and you want a different model, you can knit it with this knitting technique. Mouse tooth knitting model is very easy to make. When you look at the pictures below, you’ll see how simple it is to make it.

I’m going to try this model on the first scarf and berets I’m going to make. It’s a model I’ve never done before. After encountering the model’s narrative, I uploaded it here for you and for myself. When I make the first beret and scarf, I’m going to use this model.

The stages of construction of the mouse tooth knitting model are shown in order in the images below.

Fare Dişi Örgü Modeli Yapılışı 1

Fare Dişi Örgü Modeli Yapılışı 2

Fare Dişi Örgü Modeli

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