MNG Cargo, which distributes electric bikes, aims to expand its fleet

MNG Cargo, one of the leading cargo companies of our country, has taken an important step to reduce carbon emissions in recent times. MNG Kargo, which started distributing electric bicycles in 2017 to protect nature and reduce carbon emissions, uses electric bicyclesin more than 100 branches in many cities of our country.

MNG Cargo, which currently has 200 electric bikes, also aims to increase the number of electric bikes by making new purchases in the near future, according to shared information. Since 2017, MNG Cargo has been providing electric bikes, especially at areas that are adversely affected by vehicle traffic and pedestrian distribution is challenging.

In addition, electric bicycles are difficult to distribute physical conditions such as the Islands of Istanbul and help to provide uninterrupted service to customers in vehicle-free areas.

MNG Cargo Commercial Activities Executive Officer, who stated that delivery is made to minimize emissions by the use of electric bicycles and increase the distribution efficiency by 25 percent Original Sahin, electric vehicles in the field of carbon emissions has a great contribution to nature underlined.

Sahin added that they minimize carbon emissions thanks to their electric bikes, and that they have launched this project to protect nature in 2017 and to expand their fleet’s electric they also announced plans to increase the number of vehicles.

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