Mini Oyster Knitting Model Women’s and Baby Vest Blanket Sample

You can knit baby vests with the mini oyster knitting model, or you can use this example in numerous types of knitting such as ladies’ vests and baby blankets.

In this article, we will share with you a different oyster knitting model for women’s vest and baby blanket models. This knitting model is slightly different from other oyster models. Because oyster motifs are made smaller in this model.

Mini İstiridye Örgü Modeli Bayan ve Bebek Yelek Battaniye Örneği

We published two different examples in the models of oyster knitting model making video narration and ajurli oyster knitting model. In the example we’re going to share now, oysters are knitting models, but the motifs are tiny. You can use this knitting model in numerous types of knitting, such as ladies’ vests and baby blankets.

You can learn about this knitting model with the description of Ms. Gonul. In detail, the knitting motifs are shown how they are made with skewers. If you want to do it and you like this knitting, you can watch the video below.

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