Microsoft Edge internet browser’s new logo revealed

Microsoft Edge, which was developed to replace Internet Explorer, waslaunched in 2015. Microsoft Edge, which has been active for 4 years, used a logo that was very similar to The Internet Explorer’s logo.

According to information shared today, the logo of the Microsoft Edge internet browser is changing. The new logo is inspired by ocean waves. The new logo, announced through a mini-game hidden in the Microsoft Edge browser, has emerged as a product of Microsoft’s “Fluent Design” design concept.

As a reminder, last year, the Microsoft Office logos were also modified within the framework of the “Fluent Design” design concept. With the logo change, Microsoft aims to position the Edge internet browser as a new internet browser rather than a continuation of Internet Explorer.

We’ve told you that Microsoft Edge will be replaced by a new Chromium-based browser. Last August, beta testing of the new Chromium-based Edge scanner began.

There is no information as to when the final version of Microsoft Edge’s Chromium-based internet browser will be available. Finally, let’s add that Microsoft will hold a conference in Orlando next week. New information about the new logo and Edge is also expected to be shared at this conference.

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