Meditation apps and devices featured at CES 2020

This year, as every year, different technologies were introduced from electric and autonomous vehicles to robots at the CES event. Recent meditation practices, which are frequently encountered and aimed at eliminating the stress problem seen more in society than before, have also found their place at CES 2020. Let’s take a look at these initiatives one by one.

Core, which has been implemented considering the lack of data-based analytical and methodology in the art of meditation, is one of the initiatives we encounterated at the event. At CES 2020, Core introduced a meditation trainer with biometric measurement for a more effective meditation practice. A small handset measures heart rate and provides tactile feedback to stimulate continuous breathing. After each session, users can view personal stress level reports about the application to better understand their physiological responseto meditation and what techniques work best for their unique biological structure, and it can track progress over time.

Core has invested $4 million in three different investment rounds so far.

Entertech, another initiative, unveiled a biosensing meditation headband at CES 2020. The stylish device, called Flowtime, measures brain waves and heart rate to improve meditation by providing a definitive overview of stress, relaxation and attention levels.

Healium, a virtual and augmented reality platform that takes part in the event and helps users reduce stress levels, is already using wearable technology. The company analyzes real-time brainwave and heart rate data that create a virtual environment that visualizes users’ emotions when paired with AR applications or vr headset.

Another platform that came up at CES 2020 is Tripp. Tripp, on the other hand, immersive VR-driven meditation guides users to a virtual world in a long eight-minute practice of awareness. The initiative aims to keep the mind and body integrated. Tripp, like Core, has invested $4 million so far.

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