McDonalds acquires 9.9 per cent stake in a mobile venture called Plexure

McDonald’s,one of the world’s largest chain of fast-moving restaurants, has made the acquisition of another major technology enterprise. A 9.9 per cent stake in The New Zealand-based mobile interaction platform Plexurehas been acquired by McDonalds.

McDonalds, which paid $3.6 million in exchange for Plexure’s 9.9 per centstake purchase, was previously among the venture’s customers. Plexure’s other clients include 7 Eleven and IKEA. Plexure, who is already working with McDonald’s in many different countries, is known for its mobile products that promise both customer loyalty and loyalty to their customers.

Thanks to Plexure, users can place their orders and even pay via the mobile app before they arrive at the restaurant. Thus, many customers do not wait in line and there is no operational problem on the restaurant side. Restaurant employees know which customer will come, which product they order, when they will come and make preparations accordingly and contribute to the creation of a great win-win process.

According to Craig Herbison,CEO of Plexure, the acquisition of shares will make a significant contribution to their company’s growth plans. McDonald’s, on the other hand, showed that he was confident enough to buy shares in the venture he was a client of. However, McDonald’s CEO Steve Easterbrook summed up that their goal is to use the service they received from Plexure in all-nation operations.

As you may recall, McDonald’smade a significant acquisition last month and announced the acquisition of the technology company Dynamic Yield. Looks like we’re going to be seeing more and more purchases in the past in a way we’re not used to.

Below you can watch a promotional video of Plexure’s product, especially for restaurants.

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