May God Grant Everyone a Thoughtful Wife

In the story we’re sharing now, a dialogue takes place between the boy and the man, showing how much he cares about his wife’s wife.

One day, my mother prepared dinner after a busy day’s work.

He put a jar of jam and an overly burnt toast bread in front of my father.

I was just checking to see if my father noticed the burnt bread.

But he only ate it and asked me how my day was. I don’t remember my answer, but at that moment, my mother apologized for the burnt bread.

I’ll never forget my father’s answer:


“Honey, I love burnt toast!”

Later, when I went to bed, I asked my father if he really liked burnt bread.

He hugged me and whispered:

“Your mother had a long and hard day and she was really tired. A burnt toast can’t upset anyone, but our words will hurt.”

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