Master the basics of marketing with Adjust

This can be a little daunting for beginners. How can you effectively develop your knowledge as a marketer and evaluate the opportunities and challenges you may face at the same time when the industry is constantly evolving with new trends and technologies?

That’s why Adjust has prepared the Return to Basics Guide so you can quickly learn the costly marketing basics that will be very useful for you to make difficult decisions while implementing your marketing strategies.

Back to Basics: Download Adjust Mobile Marketing Guide 2020 here.

While paid marketing evolves by covering funnel and bridge contact points, it is up to marketers to develop capabilities that guide, measure and repeat positive results. If you’re just starting your career, it might be a little scaring. Beyond that, you will feel the need to increase your knowledge and improve your capabilities, because you need to avoid solutions that claim to solve all your user acquisition problems at once. As you may notice, there is no such solution. You can’t replace the effort you’re going to put in place to become a professional marketer. But don’t let the magnitude of the information you need to master scare you. Cut down what you need to learn into small pieces and reach the top as soon as possible.

There’s never been a time this important to learn. Mobile technology has become the world’s flagship of digital and online, outpacing desktops, TVs and other devices. In 2018, mobile subscriptions exceeded the global population: 7.9 billion connections vs. 7.7 billion people. If your company wants to make its name public, there’s no other way than mobile. People are connected to their mobile devices to manage their lives, communicate with brands, do business, pay and even pray.

Engagement through advertising requires marketers to dominate their ability to segment, target, and retarget audiences, and at the same time finding the right ways to measure the performance of each campaign is a different challenge. Beyond that, you need to understand and work with a very complex ecosystem. From agencies to app publishers, analytics to attribution, SPs, SPs, and advertising networks, it’s your job to know who’s doing what and why they’re doing it.

That’s where Adjust’s Guide to Return to Basics comes in.

In addition to unusual jargon, you should understand concepts with many options, such as ad formats and cost models, and also learn about the important metrics you need to measure your performance and track your results.

Turn to Adjust Basics, which includes tips and tools that you can use to identify criteria that you shouldn’t miss when developing your marketing strategy, calling critical campaign setup information, selecting and managing your data providers The guide offers you all the basic information that new marketers need for the start in a simple and understandable way.

Back to Basics: Download Adjust Mobile Marketing Guide 2020 here.

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