Making two Skewers Snow Flaky Women’s Vest

We’re adding a new narrative model to our women’s vest model category. The model is a model of a women’s vest made with a snow flake knitting model made with two skewers.

We are here with a women’s vest made with a new knitting technique. This vest model is one of the models made with two skewers. If you know how to use two skewers for those who want to knit and make vests, you can knit from this vest, which is the model of Ms. Sevda. This is the newest of our shares of vest models. With this vest model you can make dowry vests, bridal vests and mother vests.

The sample established in the example of snowflake women’s vest is established with 3 stitches. For those who want to make and finish vests easily and quickly, you won’t find the snowflake knitting model we share anywhere else.

You can ask us what you can think of this vest model that Ms. Sevda described in detail in the video. Let it be easy for all of you to face the best vest narratives.

Categories:   Knitting Models, Vests