Making two Skewers Knitting Berets

We’re going to show you how to make a beret with two knitted skewers. Those who want to make a beret with a pon-op can learn how to do it here.

With the arrival of the cold, the use of berets has increased. Both men and women use berets to protect their heads from the cold. Some use knitted berets, but they usually get ready-made berets. But for those who want to use their own handicraftd berets, we try to help by sharing narrative models.

This beret model, made with two skewers, starts with 110 stitches. The rubber part of the beret is knitted in the form of 1 inverted 1 flat. Since the detailed narration was already shared in the video, I didn’t give much detail here. Anyway, no matter how much I include the details, it’s better to watch it in the video. Because the braids described in the videos are clearer.

If you want to knit berets to yourself or your loved ones, you can make it from a sliding beret sample woven with two skewers. The video is very revealing. I think even those who don’t know will take their skewers in their hands immediately after watching the video. Make it easy for everyone already.

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