Making towel baskets out of old pots

You can make a decorative towel basket from the old pot you don’t use. Our article includes the transformation of an unused old pot into a towel basket.

If you have old pots that are not used in your kitchen, you can make decorative products with them. For example, a towel basket can be made from an old pot. This recycling by a friend has been appreciated by many ladies.

This project, made by our friend Ebrar Güngör, has been liked thousands of times on the recycling page. Ms. Ebrar, who recycled the pot and turned it into a cute towel basket, has signed on to a very nice project.

Giving us a few facts about the project, Ms. Ebrar removed the stems of the pot because it was too dirty and used a rope rope instead. Let’s take a look at the project and what our friend has done.

Eski Tencereden Havlu Sepeti 1

Eski Tencereden Havlu Sepeti 2

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