Making Tomato Sauce in a Glass Jar

Use glass jars to make tomato sauce for winter. A recipe for tomato sauce that you will use in soups, pastas and many ones.

-5 kg tomatoes
-1 teacup olive oil
-Glass Jars
Preparation: Peel the tomatoes and cut them into cubes.
(I threw small scratches on the tomatoes, first tossed them in boiling hot water, waited 30 sec, took them out of hot water, put them in cold water and peeled them easily)
1 teacup olive oil poured into the pot and add the chopped tomatoes into cubes, then boil about 30 minutes, boil the sauce into hot glass jars, fill them tightly and turn them over on to flat ground without wasting any time.
Do not remove the glass jars until they have cooled down. You just don’t move it for 1 day.
You can store the cooled jars in a place where there is no sun and open them at any time and consume them.

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Cam Kavanozda Domates Sosu

Cam Kavanozda Domates Sosu

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