Making the Gospel Dowry Towel Edge

Dowry towel edges models continue with the pearl model. You can use the pearl dowry towel edge made with crochet on all your towels.

One of the most admired models on the edges of towels are the pearl and beaded models. Those who were preparing dowry started making towel edges. We are adding narrative models to our site for people searching the Internet to find new models. By buying pearls sold in the bizarre, you will be able to make this wide vote with your scrap and your vote.

We shared with the video here how to make the pearl dowry towel edge model shared by Ms. Derya on the Oya and lace world channel. You can add another one to your dowry votes by watching the video.

It is a model that those who know how to knit a vote can understand by watching the video at once. Those who don’t know can learn how to make it by watching the video a few times. Below is a video of the easy crochet making model.

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