Making Red Fiber with Daisy Motif

If you want a new example, you can find the construction of red fiber with a daisy motif in this article with turkish narrated video.

We share a nice model for ladies looking for chamomile fiber models. When you search the Internet for a daisy fiber model, you’ll see so many unrelated models. You’ll have a hard time finding the model you’re looking for. But in this article we publish a video of the construction of a square fiber model decorated with daisy motifs.

We had previously published the Production model, which is again decorated with daisy motifs. Now we publish a beautiful fiber sample adorned with daisy patterns.

Papatya Motifli Örgü Lif

Apart from this fiber sample, many fiber samples we publish are included in our fiber models page. There are a total of 40 examples in the article we published as archives. I hope you like our models.

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