Making Pickled Hot Peppers in A Coke Bottle

We are here with the making of pickled peppers from plastic coke bottles. You can also use coke bottles for winter pickled chili peppers.

hot pepper on demand
Plastic Coke bottles
Grape vinegar
Lemon Salt

Hot Pepper Pickle Making
First of all, we wash the plastic Coke bottles thoroughly. After we cut the stems off the chili peppers, we wash them. Then we peel four peeled garlic and then throw it in the bottle. Then we place the peppers and leave the garlic occasionally. Put the grape vinegar in a bowl and mix well until dissolved in salt, sugar, lemon salt. After we prepare the pickle juice, we pour it into the plastic bottle. Then let’s close the lid tightly so that it doesn’t breathe, and wash the bottle. Keep it as dark and cool as you can. When you use it in winter, cut the bottle from the top and put the pickle in a glass jar and start eating it with pleasure.

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