Making Mask Berets for Children Who Go to School in The Morning Cold

A very useful mask beret for children who go to school in the cold in the morning. Your kids won’t be cold when they go to school anymore.

You know, winter time hasn’t been applied this year. That’s why the morning kids wake up very early and have to go to school. Children who wake up during the men’s hours in the morning and set out to go to school have difficulty on cold days.

You can knit berets that look like masks so that children are not affected by the cold. You can knit a mask beret for both his head, face and ears to protect them from the cold. The making of the beret is not as difficult as it seems, it is an easy model like other berets. If you know a little bit about knitting, you can start doing it right away.

Thanks to a friend of ours, he gave me a description of how to make a mask beret. Below is the description of the beret. If you have any thoughts, if you ask for comments, we can share the video narration.

I started 85 stitches, knitted 2 ye2 tires in one inch, cut 25 nooses from the front, cut 25 stitches again in the top row, knitted 2 more fingers of tires and went straight knit, and when the head size was the size, I put all the stitches through the rope and puckered them very handy my son is lovingly using it.

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