Making knitted socks with garbage skewers

Wasteland knitting with garbage skewers with a different knitting technique. You can knit a stylish sock with garbage skewers that we usually see on top of the bird’s head kebabs.

You can knit socks using garbage skewers and knitting ropes. In this example, which is a different model, garbage skewers, which are a large version of the toothpick, were used. As you can see in the pictures below, the sock model looks like ready-made machine planting. If you want to knit a sock like this, you can look at the pictures step by step. Unfortunately, we can’t share a written description because the model is quoted from the English site. But those of you who know how to knit can examine and knit pictures.

We also shared a model in the article. This time the model we’re sharing looks more like a sock than the other one. Because we can only call this model socks instead of booties.

Without further ado, let’s get to the way the sock is made. He was shown how it was done with nine paintings. So I put it all together and made it into a collage and shared it below. I hope you like the model and start knitting socks.


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