Making Half Gloves with Hair Braid Technique

In this article, half glove construction with hair braid technique is explained. Those who want to make half a fingerless glove can take a look at this.

Start 42 stitches. Tire 13 rows
25 stitch straight pattern 2 inverted 6 straight 2 inverted 7 straight
There will be 6 straight hair braids
After knitting 10 rows, fold 20 straight knitted bottle sieves and increase by wrapping the rope 2 straight again.
The stitches from behind will be knitted as it appears
When you come to the front, increase again 20 ör 4 flat.
Increase the fronts until the finger is as wide as you want it to.
Then just the finger tire will be knitted and cut.
Then the knitting will be combined

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