Making Half Glove with Heart

Details of making half a glove with a heart. We have included all the details about the construction of half gloves knitted with number 4 skewer and nako rope.

Information about the construction of half gloves shared on my Hobby Page can be found below.

#ip #süper #nako #süper #süper #inci.color no. 23339. . Skewer number 4. I started 50 stitches.
I knitted the tire part. You can find the construction on our site. . I increased the finger part by 19 stitches.
You can watch the hearty model on the page. ..
Friends, let me be clear about one thing, I’m trying to give you as many sample recipes as I can on my page. But these are usually recipes you can’t find anywhere else, like my own designs. But if there are examples on YouTube or other pages, I’m trying to redirect you there. This example is also available on our site. The one we shared above to the weaves of The Heart. you can reach by clicking on the connecting tires and reverse hearts links.
Note, to make the hearts clear, I went over it with a brown rope and needle.
For those of you who want to make this model, I would also advise you that their hearts would only be more elegant if you made a line in the middle.

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