Making Easy Mixed Pickles at Home

How to make pickles at home? We shared the recipe for making mixed pickles to those who are curious. Make the pickles of your own home!

Although there are various kinds of pickles on the market shelves, we like to make pickles with our own hands in our house. Because there is a big difference between the taste of pickled grocery products and pickles made at home. Believe it or not, when preparing grocery pickles, chemicals that increase acid ity instead of vinegar, as well as tap water, are used to avoid increasing costs. This reduces the quality of the pickle.

That’s why we choose to make immaculate pickles in our homes with our drinking water and our halis grape vinegar. First of all, it is very important to store the pickle in cool places. So set the time to prepare pickles well. For example, it may be best to prepare the fruits and vegetables you buy in September and leave them in full autumn cool. You can shop economically during this period and your pickles will be more alive and delicious. Now let’s come to the ingredients needed for our pickles and how they are made…


1 small white cabbage

125 g green beans

5 pickles of coriander

1 carrot

5 chili peppers

2 red peppers

2 green tomatoes

1/4 cup garlic

1/4 cup chickpeas

1/2 lemon

For Pickle Juice:

1 tablespoon lemon salt

1 liter of water

A little less rock salt from a 1/2 cup of water

0.75 cups grape vinegar


– Wash all vegetables thoroughly.

– Chop the cabbage so that it is not too thin.

– Make cuts on the ends of the sharp and red peppers. So it gets really good into the pickle juice.

– Make small cuts on the edges of cucumbers.

– Chop the carrot in a circle.

– Cut the green tomatoes in half.

– You can use the green beans as they are or cut in half.

– Make the lemon into circle-shaped slices.

– Place the chickpeas at the bottom of the jar.

– Start mixing the chopped vegetables into the jar. Don’t forget to sprinkle it with garlic and lemon slices.

– Put lemon salt, rock salt, grape vinegar and water in a bowl and stir until the ingredients are dissolved.

– Fill the prepared water into the jar enough to pass the top of the vegetables with a finger.

– Put parsley on top. So the materials don’t go up.

– Store the pickle jar in a dry environment that does not receive sun for 30-45 days.

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