Making dowry purple white color booty model with two skewers

We add another purple-and-white model made with two skewers to the dowry booty models. Here are all the details of the dowry path made with white purple harmony!

We’re adding another one to the dowry booty construction. The white and purple booty ropes used to make two skewer mesh booty models are also very compatible. If you wish, you can knit in the skewers for this example, 2 number 3 mesh skewers are used.

We constantly place the booties shared in the blue weaves channel on our site. We decided to add the newly added and highly acclaimed dowry booty model. We will soon see what will be the interest of our visitors to this highly acclaimed booty model. Information about the production is shown in video. Video requests are more likely, so if you pay attention, the number of shares has increased.

Make one of the most easy weaves, booty models. Learn about your skewers by examining the booties on our site after preparing your booty ropes. Then start knitting booties for both dowry and everyday life.

Normal booty ropes and number 3 skewers were used. 50 nodes were started and 3 teeth were knitted to the harosha. Number 37, 38 is for booties.

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