Making Door Ornament sourfrom Pet Bottle Caps

Making door ornaments using pet bottle caps. You can make a beautiful door ornament by not throwing away the lids of plastic bottles and collecting them.

Khadija, who produces wonders from recycling, made a door ornament with pet bottle caps. He used plastic bottle caps he’d collected for a beautiful-looking door ornament.

The middle of the lids was cut off from the top with a box cutter. Set it from the top with a box cutter, hold the knife horizontally and send the lid, like opening the can door, of course, the rope in your hand. When I was doing the cover edges, I wrapped the rope, cut the 125 cm rope, folded the rope in half, gluing the ends to the cover. He’s starting to wrap it at the other end so he doesn’t slide. When the wrapping is done, I paste it with silicone and provide it, like it didn’t tell you a little bit, but.

The rope brand is called Jut rope. Let’s look at how to make door ornaments.

Pet şişe kapakları

Pet şişe kapakları geri dönüşüm

Pet şişe kapaklarından kapı süsü

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