Making bow tie paths for male babies

We share bow tie paths for male babies. This example of booty for male infants between the ages of 0 1 will suit tiny feet very well.

I’ll try to explain the bow tie tuxedo paw when my tongue turns. This booty will be for a baby about 5 months old. So far I’ve knitted it so that only 12-month-old baby can wear it. If you want to enlarge the white part of the 17 Trabzin you can start with the chain around around around around 40 45. If it’s bigger than 12 months, i think it’s the naughty sweetest one up to this month?
White and black nako piranha rope
↔1) We fill 16 trabzans into the magic ring.
↔2) we fill each trabzana in pairs and get a total of 30 trabzans. We’re knitting one more of the same one.

Papyon patik yapılışı 1

As shown in picture 1, we set a medium and count from the right and attach our 5.trabzana rope.
we’re shooting ↔Picture 2) and 30 chains.
Picture 3.4) we have determined the middle, counting from the left again from there to the 5th. We attach the 30 chains we pulled to the trabzana with 1 sk needle.
Then we pull three chains and go up.
↔1) we’ll increase it once in order to increase 2 trabzans. We’re going to repeat this process six times. Then complete the sequence by continuing without any increments.
↔2) Pattern without increments of order.
↔3) Pattern without decreasing the sequence increment.
↔Total will be 57 trabzans.

Papyon patik yapılışı 2

4) Our queue cutting process begins.
Cut it 14 times with trabzan.
9 trabzan knit.
Cut it with trabzan six times.
Complete the sequence by knitting 8 trabzans.
↔5) queue
7 times cut with trabzan
8 trabzan knit.
Cut it with your trabz four times.
Complete the sequence by knitting 7 trabzans.
↔6) queue
Cut it four times with trabzan.
6 trabzan knit.
Cut with 3 trabzans
Complete the sequence by knitting 6 trabzans and break the rope for a long time. Then we’ll use it to sew six.
↔ Then by fastening our white rope from anywhere (as shown in the last picture) we knit and break the rope without increasing 8 rows of white rope?

Papyon patik yapılışı 3

We knitted it with eight rows of white rope and folded it in half and now I’m going to share your bow tie? You can sew the lower part of the path. Sew it through it to make it neat. See you in the next photo

Papyon patik yapılışı 4

1) We start by pulling 5 chains into the magic ring. Then we knit five 3-packts of TrabzAn. (by circling it twice).then we pull 5 chains again and fasten it to our magic right.
2) Are we doing the same thing again? And we break our rope a long time and fill the middle 10.15 times.
3) Then we sew it on our cotton.

Papyon patik yapılışı 5

↔I’m doing the button process with black-sized bead paint you can do differently. And finally, we pull out a long chain and pass it on to the wrist side at regular intervals so it doesn’t come off the foot.

Papyon patik yapılışı 6

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