Making Baby Shoes with Reverse Straight Knitting

Just making practical baby shoes with reverse and straight knitting. It’s an example of a booty that doesn’t require much effort, which is really easy to make.

We share an example of a booty that you can make even without having a lot of knitting knowledge. Just knowing the reverse and straight weave will be enough to make this pad. the easiest model of all.

If you want easy booty construction, you can knit it from this booty using reverse and straight knitting. This path is easy to make and doesn’t take much time.

If you want to knit a baby’s paw and finish it soon, I suggest you start this model. This booty model looks a bit like a model.

We’re shrinking the blue part when we sew it. I knitted the white spot in front of him and planted it there later. You can shrink the blue floor and sew a pon-op on it. I started with 40 stitches, the blue part is 25.

The image below illustrates the construction of the path in 3 steps.

Kolay Bebek Patiği Yapılışı

Kolay Bebek Patiği Modeli

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