Making An Easy Zipper Detailed Baby Vest Knitting Model With Less Rope

For those who are interested in baby knitting models, we have prepared the most wonderful zipper detailed baby vest example for you. The example of the vest knitting that you will prepare very fondly is prepared with an easy-to-use zipper with little rope lead, unlike the baby vest knitting models you have seen so far.

Every day we strive to bring you together with vest knitting samples with different annotations and narratives. Today, our followers who are curious about making zipper-detailed baby knitted vests can easily watch the video we posted below and knit the model easily.

Az İp Giden Kolay Fermuar Detaylı Bebek Yelek Örgü Modeli Yapılışı

You start the example of a knitted vest suitable for 1/2 year old babies by pulling 50 chains. When you get to the top row, you start by pulling 1 noose out of each chain. It is very easy to prepare this vest knitting model where you will have the opportunity to evaluate your half-ropes left in the house.

You can prepare this vest knitting model by increasing the number of stitches at the same rate for older children. Make it easy for all of you.

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