Making a Wicker Knitting Model for Very Easy Women’s and Baby Vest Cardigans

Making a wicker knitting example, which is a very easy model. You can learn about the model that is very curious about those who are new to knitting.

You can use baby blankets, vests, cardigans and ladies’ knits. There are many different models of the wicker knit, but it’s the most elegant.

We’re doing it as a reverse knit. She looks especially beautiful in baby braids. Or you can make different braids under the collar.

Hasır Örgü Yelek Modeli

You’ve made tyres for beginners and you’ll install them on the sample. You’ll knit it in the form of 3 and multiples. Knit the edge nodes. We’re knitting 3 reverses and 3 straights. They’re all upside down in the back row.

Hasır Örgü Yelek Modeli

There are many varieties of wicker knitting, which vary according to the number of stitches, and they change even upside down straight. Starting with the easiest, I would like to share with you the types of straw knitting that you request and that I can do.

Hasır Örgü Yelek Modeli

Hasır Örgü Yelek Modeli

The knitting model is knitted with skewers. Watch the video below for the construction of the wicker knit.

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