Making a Very Stylish Baby Vest Model Made from Increasing Ropes

It’s a beautifully knitted baby vest, evaluating the growing ropes. If you have increased knitting ropes, you can evaluate them by making baby vests.

If you can’t find a place to use your growing knitting ropes, we’ve got a good idea, and you’re going to love this idea. You can knit a baby vest using a few knitting threads together.

We shared below the vest and explanations knitted by our friend Yıldız Can.

Back 75 prevents the number of stitches 43 er. Honey, I’ve always used the same skewer, and when I went to the upper tire, I had a reduction of 16 front-facing 8-nodes, and when the tire came up, the tire was different, i knitted the reverse noose in front of the front, and i left the face noose empty, and i knitted an inverted face normal in the back row. The number 3 is knitted with skewers.  I knit the front side backwards, I get the flat empty, I knit an inverted straight normal on the back.

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