Making a V-Neck Seamless Baby Vest

Making a V-neck baby vest. For those who want to make both v-neck and seamless vests, we share the narrative model of Ms. Sevgi. The model has 4 buttons on the front side. The V-neck baby vest made with a number 3 skewer is knitted with pink and white ropes.

We continue our narrated vests with the production of V-Neck baby vests. We share the narratives of the vests that are very popular so that the ladies who call can do it easily. The ms. Sevgi shared on her blog with the number of seamless baby vests made.

You can knit this vest using 4 buttons with Alize Antibacterial Happy Baby rope and number 3 skewer skewer for your girls between 6 months and 1 year old. You also need to understand a little bit about the skewer business to make a baby vest. Below are the details of how to make the pink vest model, which is knitted with pink and white Alize wool ropes.

I knitted the skirt end of the knitting with pink color harasho

1st place
I knitted 7 node stows with pink and knitted white and 3 nooses straight, and i got 1 pink noose without knitting it. Again, I knitted 3 nooses straight with white, and i took 1 pink noose without knitting it. At the end of the row, up to the 7 stitches of the harashoe made 3 straight knitted 1 knitted with white
2nd place
I knitted 7 nooses with edge shoals and knitted white with white in the previous order, but i knitted it as a straight mesh, i put the rope forward, I took 1 pink noose empty, I took the rope back, I knitted 3 white nooses straight up, and I continued until the end of the line.
3rd place
I knitted 3 pinks straight with the pink noose i took empty on the face of the knitting, and i took it without knitting 1 white. I knitted 3 pinks, i got 1 white knitted
4th place
After the edge toash on the back of the knitting, I knitted my knitting with pink according to the arrival of the noose, i knitted the rope straight, put the rope forward and took the white ones without knitting them. I went all the way to the end of the line.
5th place repeat of first place
6th place repetition of second place
For example, the trick is to always knit the stitches straight.

V Yakalı Bebek Yeleği Yapılışı 1

V Yakalı Bebek Yeleği Yapılışı 2

V Yakalı Bebek Yeleği Yapılışı 3

V Yakalı Bebek Yeleği Yapılışı 4

V Yakalı Bebek Yeleği Yapılışı 5

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